Graphics, writing and thought leadership for the consulting and enterprise technology industry

SAM-Lab Inc. offers expert graphics, presentation, design, video, writing and editing services to technology and consulting firms the world over. Our clients come back to us assignment after assignment for several compelling reasons: we understand the content, we make working with us easy, and we make our clients look really smart.

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Presentation graphics, design and polishing
Have SAM-Lab help you write and illustrate your new capabilities presentation, put a professional touch on your existing presentation, or just create those few great slides.
Graphic design starting at $99/hour.
$4,000-8,000 $600-1,200 $400 or so
Create an awesome 20-30 page value proposition or capabilities document from scratch Turn an ugly 30 page deck into something that will excite your clients Create one really cool image
Posters, collateral, infographics, the web and other communication tools
Let us design your marketing collateral or create an unconventional presentation tool such as conference room or trade-show posters and handouts.
$1,000-2,000 $400-800 $100-300
Make a big, complex poster with lots of drawings and text Lay out an eight page brochure or whitepaper to professional standards with a few diagrams Create an impressive banner for a website or email
Video Editing and Motion Graphics
SAM-Lab's fast and low cost approach to video production brings your case studies, business concepts, demos, presentations and a host of other communications to life, with quick distribution online.
As low as $2,400 $6,000-10,000
Create a three-five minute video case study with graphics, your voice, and titles/transitions 10 minute business concept presentation with software demo, pro-voice over, music and the works
Whitepaper, point of view writing, case studies and blogs
Our specialty is understanding the material in depth; you do not need to teach us your entire business. We get it. We know it. This makes the process extremely quick and satisfying and the outcomes fairly unique.
$4,000-6,000 $10,000-12,000 $400-$800
Write a 6-10 page point of view paper Write a 20 page manifesto with graphics and corresponding presentation Create a one or two page blog or case study about your
awesome work
Need something else?
Web copy? A Facebook App? Comic strip? Artwork?
We can probably do it. Write or give us a call!

Jeff Till | (857) 919-2734 | jtill [at] sam-lab [dot] com (remove spaces)
Our clients
Our current and recent clients are some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry.* These clients include:

*We choose not to disclose their names here due to our private and sensitive role as ghostwriters and shapers of intellectual property.

Areas of expertise
In general, any business concept, industry, technology, or anything else that touches business and technology is on the menu. We'll tackle anything and feast on complex or niche topics.
Meet the team
Jeff Till
General manager, Writer

Jeff consults, writes, draws, and facilitates the content development process for SAM-Lab’s clients. Jeff has 23 years of experience in creating intellectual property, designing business communications, and developing professional services marketing strategy. Jeff lives in South Carolina with his wife Jennifer and his children Adie, Huck and Vy. He enjoys painting, music composition, software programming, and studying economics and ethics.

Amanda Blackmore
Director, Visual Information Services

As Director of Visual Information Services, Amanda leads our team of skilled designers and artists in creating superior outcomes for our corporate clients. She has 10 years experience in visual storytelling, graphic design, design execution and project management. Amanda has a BFA in Industrial Design with graduate studies for Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. She is located in Cambridge, MA.

Jordan Love
Lead Designer

Jordan is a graphics specialist at SAM-Lab. Her professional background is in graphic design, with a focus in typography and illustration.

Ross Jewell
Content Manager

Ross helps develop and manage content at SAM-Lab. He writes, edits, and proofreads content, and also provides support for our graphics team.

Josh Weser
Lead Technical Artist

Josh is a video and web specialist here at SAM-Lab. His background is in graphics, videography, creative writing, animation, web development, and 3D modeling.

Renee Morales
Sr. Visual Information Specialist

Renee is a graphics specialist at SAM-Lab. Her background is in print and dimensional large format design, image retouching, strategic marketing direction, design thinking and innovation, creative direction, and project management. Renee has a BS in Marketing and will complete her MFA in Visual Communications in the Summer of 2018.

Nick Olivotto
Visual Information Specialist

Nick is a graphics specialist at SAM-Lab. His background encompasses illustration, design, typography, and animation.

Alex Nadeau
Visual Information Specialist

Alex is a graphics and web specialist here at SAM-Lab. He has a professional background in animation, graphic design, videography, web design and SEO. Alex has a BA in Communications from the College of Charleston.

Amy Ukpabi
Visual Information Specialist

Amy is a graphics specialist at SAM-Lab. She has a BA in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Charlotte. She has a background in brand development and print design. She specializes in typography, illustration and layout design.

Paris Connolly
Visual Information Specialist

Paris is a graphics specialist at SAM-Lab. Her professional background is in graphic design, digital marketing and writing. She graduated from Salem State University with a BS in Communications and received a Graphic Design certification from Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts.

Emily Kleine
Visual Information Specialist

Emily is a graphics specialist at SAM-Lab. Her background includes layout design, typography, illustration and information visualization.

Laurie Boyce
Visual Information Specialist

Laurie is the administrative assistant here at SAM-Lab. She handles invoicing as well as various other organizational tasks. She has a background in customer service and lives in the Boston area.