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SAM-Lab Inc. offers expert graphics, animated video and content creation services to social media, technology and consulting firms the world over. Our clients come back to us assignment after assignment for several compelling reasons: we understand the content, we make working with us easy, and we make our clients look really smart. We’re happy to tackle any project type—our team will craft the right message and vehicle to tell your story, regardless of the format of the final deliverable.


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What We Do

Presentation Strategy and Design

Business presentations are relied on to do a lot. They are used to share important messages and complex information with prospects, teams, and peers. The best presentations smartly balance imagery and writing to clearly communicate your business story and enhance understanding. However, translating your business’s value into a great presentation is time consuming, difficult, and keeps you from your most important work of serving your current clients. Our expert graphic designers specialize in understanding your business message to create compelling visual stories that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Many of our team primarily work with PowerPoint and Keynote, but we’ve got serious skills with all types of presentation tools, such as Prezi. Our first priority is to make the process of creating your business presentation as pleasant, simple, and easy as it can be. We work on your schedule to meet tight timelines. We can also be a proactive player working ahead of your schedule to ensure the process goes smoothly.

We can help you with:

Story & Content Creation: Developing your business story and content through efficient interviews, research, and review of your source materials.

Story & Editing and Proofreading: Ensuring that all aspects of formatting, grammar, style, tone of voice, and structure are precise and in line with brand standards.

Story & Research and Analysis: Finding the most compelling quotes, sources, or survey results to enhance your message.

Graphic Design and Illustration

Great imagery can make your story shine. It helps complex ideas become simpler and technical concepts become more intuitive. Our graphic design team understands complex business ideas and translates them into imagery that adds meaning and value to your message. We are also professionally trained artists with the creative chops to deliver compelling designs that will resonate with your audience. We take on a myriad of visual design requests, and we can work with you to choose the right concept, format, and layout for your content.

We can help you with:

Layout: Designing and delivering layouts for whitepapers, case studies, brochures, and other collateral pieces that need graphics and copy.

Iconography: Creating custom illustrations of concepts, which look great and enhance your message.

Brand Identity: Defining the look and feel of branding for companies or specialized programs, including logos, color palettes, templates, and more.

Infographics: Crafting thoughtful presentations of data and content supported by engaging illustrations.

Design for the Web: We have a specialized team of technically-minded designers that are dedicated to comprehensive web design and video production work. This team of designer-developer hybrids can take your project from an early idea to published content on the web. You don’t have to worry about code, technical challenges, or video production. In a few simple project stages, we’ll deliver your web project fast and make your content look great.


Video is increasingly becoming a go-to for businesses that want to share their story with teams, prospects, and peers. A well-produced video smartly combines the elements of animation, imagery, audio, and writing to quickly and memorably communicate your business value to your audience. However, translating your value proposition into an engaging video is time consuming, difficult, and keeps you from your most important work of serving your current team. Our expert visual storytellers provide comprehensive video production services to help you at any stage of the process.

We can help you with:

Visual Direction & Story Structure: Developing a narrative by providing strategy and content direction as well as visual guidance.

Writing, Editing, & Storyboarding: Writing, editing, and fine-tuning your script and drafting the visual storyboard.

Art & Animation: Creating custom graphics and animation as well as guiding you in the visual direction, look, and feel of the video.

Voice Over Addition: Facilitating selection and booking of the right voice over talent, and perfectly synchronizing the recording to the video.

Final Production & Fine-Tuning: Delivering high quality video rendering at the correct file size and format for your audience to access and view.

The types of videos we often create for our clients include: employee training and education, explainer/how-to, promotional (B2C, B2B), product overviews, and more. Our first priority is to make the process of creating your business video as pleasant, simple, and easy as it can be. We work on your schedule to meet tight timelines. We can also be a proactive player, working ahead of your schedule to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Writing and Editing

Written collateral is an important part of sharing your business value with your prospects and team. Done well, it highlights your firm’s unique story, experience, and expertise in solving your client’s challenges. However, translating your business story into high-quality written collateral is difficult, time consuming, and diverts you from the most important work of serving your team. Our expert writers can help you tell your business story in a way that resonates with your audience. Our specialty is in understanding the material in depth. You do not need to teach us your entire business. We get it. We know it. This makes the process extremely quick and satisfying and the outcomes fairly unique.

We can help you with:

White paper and POV paper writing: Developing your business story and content through efficient interviews, research, and review of your source materials.

Editing & Proofreading: Ensuring that all aspects of formatting, grammar, style, tone of voice, and structure are precise and in line with brand standards.

Blogs, Articles, & Social Media Writing: In addition to the most compelling web and landing page copy to enhance your message.

We often create these types of collateral for our clients: whitepaper and point of view papers, case studies, reports, blog posts, requests for proposal responses, brochures, advertisements, and promotional materials. We are eager to dive into any business concept or industry. We specialize in the areas of enterprise technology and management consulting. You have actual work to do with your current clients. We’ll help get your written project done, so you can get you back to doing what you do best.

Our Team

Jeff Till, General Manager, Writer

Jeff is the owner and general manager of SAM-Lab, overseeing its operations and helping SAM-Lab’s clients achieve their sales and marketing goals. He is a skilled writer and tackles the most complex of SAM-Lab’s writing assignments. Jeff has 23 years of experience creating compelling business stories, designing business communications, and developing technology marketing strategies. Prior to founding SAM-Lab in 2004, Jeff served as VP of Marketing Strategy at HNW Inc. and as a founding member and management consultant of PriceWaterhouseCooper’s CRM strategy practice. Jeff has a B.S. in art from Western Michigan University and is the author of the book “Rise Above School.” He lives in South Carolina with his wife, Jennifer, and his children: Adie, Huck, and Vy. He enjoys painting, music composition and performance, and studying economics and ethics.

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Amanda Blackmore, Director

Amanda directs the day-to-day operations for SAM-Lab, and is focused on leading our team of skilled designers to create superior outcomes for our clients. She has been working with SAM-Lab for 12 years providing visual storytelling, graphic design, and execution as a designer before performing her current directional role. She holds a degree in industrial design with previous experience working in architectural and urban planning firms. Amanda is located near Boston, MA, and shares her office with two Boston Terriers. When she’s not working, you’ll find her tending to her tree farm deep in the woods of Maine.

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Jordan Love, Lead Designer

Jordan is SAM-Lab’s lead designer, assisting with project management and leading projects for our team, including presentation and layout design, brand development, and general graphics. She has been with SAM-Lab since February 2014 and is located in the Greater NYC area. She enjoys sewing and photography in her spare time.

Josh Weser, Lead Technical Artist

Josh is SAM-Lab’s lead technical artist. His responsibilities include project management, motion graphics, presentations, web design, and layout. He lives in the NYC area and has been with the SAM-Lab team since 2014. In his spare time, he enjoys building computers and learning new skills.

Ross Jewell, Content Manager

Ross is a Content Manager at SAM-Lab, where he manages copywriting projects. He also writes, edits, and proofreads content for SAM-Lab’s clients. Ross has been a writer at SAM-Lab since April 2013. He has a B.A. from Rollins College where he studied Economics and Philosophy. He lives in Seattle, WA. In his spare time, he likes to play guitar and explore the city on his bicycle.

Paris Connolly, Team Lead

Paris is a graphics specialist with a background in marketing, graphic design, and writing. Prior to her time with SAM-Lab, she worked as both the creative manager for business consultancy, predictable success, and marketing manager for Standard Electric in the greater New England area. She’s been with SAM-Lab since August of 2017 and currently lives in Laguna Beach, California with her husband, Dave, and their dog, Maggie.

Renée Morales, Team Lead

Renée is a Team Lead at SAM-Lab, with an extensive background in print and dimensional design. Renee holds a B.S. in Marketing and an MFA in Visual Communication and Innovation. She lives near Dallas, Texas with her husband and dog, Ireland. She also teaches Digital Imaging at Texas A&M Commerce and enjoys singing, playing the piano, and reading mysteries in her spare time.

Erika Phillips, Team Lead

Erika leads design projects with over 10 years of cross-functional creative and conceptual experience and a degree in Marketing and Communications from the University of Michigan. Prior to starting at SAM-Lab in June 2018, Erika led numerous well-received agency automotive projects for global audiences, including designing the North American Jeep Wrangler Launch Tour. Some of Erika’s passions include capturing photos, mixing DJ playlists for friends, and being actively involved in community projects that support inclusion. She currently resides in the Metro Detroit area.

Nick Olivotto, Designer

Nick is a Designer at SAM-Lab and has been with the company since 2016. His position encompasses presentation, layout, and illustrative design. He has a BASA in graphic design from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Nick is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, with his husband and their cat, Mable.

Alex Nadeau, Designer

Alex is a graphics and web specialist with a professional background in animation, graphic design, videography, web design, and SEO. He has a B.A. in Communication from the College of Charleston, and he has been working for SAM-Lab since the beginning of 2017. He lives in Charleston, South Carolina and enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and the double bass.

Amy Ukpabi, Designer

Amy is a graphics specialist at SAM-Lab with a background in brand development and print design. She has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and has been with SAM-Lab since July 2017. Amy specializes in typography, illustration, and layout design. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and enjoys volunteering at animal shelters and baking vegan foods.

Emily Kleine, Designer

Emily is a Designer at SAM-Lab and has been with the company since 2017. She focuses on layout design, typography, illustration, and information visualization. She has a BFA in Advertising Design from Ohio Northern University, and she lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her dog, Remy.

Kara Bernard, Content Specialist

Kara is SAM-Lab's content specialist and has been with the company since April 2018. She has a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Psychology from Kennesaw State University. She writes and edits content and supports our design staff with proofing and quality control. Kara lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her significant other, three cats, and her ferret. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing fiction stories, painting, and enjoying local parks.

Dana Trentlage, Sr. Designer

Dana is a graphic designer with an expertise in web design. She leads design projects of all types and has been with SAM-Lab since April 2018. She is currently getting her MBA at UNCP and has an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from North Carolina State. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina and likes cooking, gardening, jigsaw puzzles, and podcasts.

Cory Carr, Designer

Cory is located in Brooklyn, New York and is a designer with a specialty in layout and illustration, in addition to supporting presentation deliverables. He has an Associate of Science in Graphic Design from The Art Institute, and he has been working with SAM-Lab since May 2018. He also enjoys taking part in the local art scene in the New York area.

Nichole Hamilton, Sr. Designer

Nichole leads a range of projects for our team, with a wealth of experience in marketing-driven design. She has over a decade of experience in graphic design and seven years of agency experience, working collaboratively with other designers, copyrighters, social media strategists, and account executives. Her team won multiple Addy Awards during her time there. Nichole works in central Florida and Arkansas with her husband, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and corn snake. She co-hosts a Disney World podcast called Disney Native in her spare time.

Aviva Isenberg, Designer

Aviva is a graphic designer who assists with presentation and layout deliverables. She has been with SAM-Lab since June 2018 and has seven years of industry design experience in a variety of fields. Aviva attended Drexel University in Philadelphia. She currently lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband and their German shepherd, where they enjoy hiking, cooking, and trying new restaurants.

Heather Austin, Designer

Heather is a designer who supports across presentation and layout deliverables. She has been with SAM-Lab since July 2018 and works with all sorts of mediums, including digital/print graphics, web design, coding, email, and more. She graduated from Clarkson University with a B.S. in Technical Communications and a concentration in Web Design. She works near Denver, Colorado and likes to run and rock climb in her spare time.

Mandy Buehler, Designer

Mandy is a graphics specialist at SAM-Lab, with strengths in layout, photo manipulation, and illustrative design. She joined the SAM-Lab team in the summer of 2018. Prior to SAM-Lab, she was a corporate graphic designer in the mortgage industry. She earned her BFA in Graphic Communications from Northern Michigan University. She resides in Northern Wisconsin and spends most of her free time camping and exploring the Northwoods and Great Lakes with her Jeep club, Wisconsin Overland.

Jay Fuegel, Designer

Jay Fuegel is a graphic artist based out of the Greater Philadelphia Area. He is an Art Institute alumni with experience creating works for both print and digital formats.

Sam Dulac, Designer

Sam is a designer based in Raleigh, NC and holds a BFA in graphic design from Appalachian State University. He enjoys cooking, hiking, and instant photography.

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