Go ahead—strut your stuff.

If you’re a designer who can create an engaging presentation, you could be who we’re looking for.

Show us what you can do!

We’re currently hiring designers to lay out digital and print collateral, design presentations, and create illustrations. Submitting the project below will highlight the skills we look for in a great candidate. Sure, it takes a little more effort than a typical job application, but you’ll grab our attention and stand out from hundreds of applicants.

If you like this type of work, you’d probably like working at SAM-Lab.

Here’s the project!

Choose a news article or wikipedia topic and create a 5-8 slide presentation to explain it to us. Also, choose a company whose branding you admire. Brand the presentation as if it were done as a piece for them (adapt to their visual style and color palette).

Please be sure that your presentation includes:

Feel free to incorporate any other elements you like— photography, animation, video, etc. Only Powerpoint and Keynote files will be accepted, though using other tools can be used to create the assets in the presentation (i.e, illustrator for icon creation).

Please also include one slide at the end of your presentation with:

Having trouble getting started? Try creating a presentation about one of these topics:

What we are looking for:

Submission guidelines:

Candidates will only be contacted to review this sample assignment if an interview is to be scheduled. Initial responses are typically sent within a week of application. While this assignment not an application requirement, it will grab our attention and demonstrate your ability to perform this job!

We look forward to seeing your work!!